shedding skins

Fri, 16 Apr 2010 at 15:09

I always find getting right into the guts of my belongings rather theraputic. If it’s the sudden flurry of a thorough spring clean or a major move there’s nothing like it. Going through all of your bits and pieces, the things you’ve kept, the things you remember you threw away, lost or sold, stories untold.

People and places seem to reside in all of those old cases. It brings into the moment all of the adventures, the heart breaks, the moments of sunshine and laughter.

It’s also prime time for some change, the shedding of skins or at least a nice ‘polish’. If there’s something that reminds you of something you just love, make a place for it in your surrounds. Let the stories of your life come out into the open and get creative with how they’re presented.

Make a paper scultpure with all of your cherished birthday cards, frame your first airline ticket to India (assuming you travelled abroad when there were still those lovely paper tickets), add warmth to your space and let the individual that you are shine.

To make a house a home it needs to be filled with heart, your heart, cherished memories and have the space to daydream of endless possibilities...


shedding skins
a frame carried from portobello filled with treasures
shedding skins
light & space to day dream
shedding skins
add to the stories of old objects by creating new memories with them


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